From a single vision to provide the finest dental services and bring out the best in every smile, Dr. Anil Arora's Family Dental Care Centre was established in 1981. Since its humble beginnings, it has bloomed to become one of the finest dental clinics in Mumbai offering complete dental solutions at affordable prices to an array of patients from across India and abroad in state-of-the-art facilities. Our journey has been one of commitment to enhance the dental health and well being of families by providing exceptional dental services and a caring environment with a comfortable setting. Today our clinic offers unmatched, world class dental treatment dwelling in all aspects of dentistry. We also specialize in creating beautiful smiles with pioneering cosmetic dentistry.


  • Our Clinic provides specialized quality dental treatment in an ultramodern, well-equipped, sterile environment.
  • Adhere to strict instrument sterilization procedures using the highest standards of infection control - hot and cold sterilisation.
  • We provide our patients with information in the form of models, videos, literature, pictures on various procedures to help them make informed decisions about their oral health needs.
  • Today, the biggest fear of Our team of caring and friendly dental professionals are here to make sure your treatment & experience with us is almost painless. Currently our clinic uses 2 innovative devices to deliver virtually painless anaesthesia: a. DENTAL VIBE - An Italian product - uses patented vibratory principle to reduce pain while injecting. (put picture here). b. EASY FLOW USA - a slow releasing anaethetic gun virtually eliminating all pain while injecting.
  • Individual Customised Treatment Plans - allowing for personalized treatment specifically designed to meet your unique needs.
  • We understand that getting any dental procedures can be an unnerving and traumatising experience. With an intention to eliminate this fear and make dental treatment a gentle and pleasant experience, we offer sedation dentistry so you can be relaxed and comfortable during your dental procedures.

Whether your path to a great smile is preventive care, restorative care, regular hygiene, cosmetic dentistry or smile design for
any member of your family, we'd love to help you.

About Dr. Anil Arora

Dr. Anil Arora is a post graduate from Govt. Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai - one of India's premier Dental Institutions. He has been providing an unprecedented level of dental care to patients from all walks of life. He is extensively accomplished and highly skilled in Cosmetic Dentistry and Crown & Bridge procedures with special attention to Full Mouth Rehabilitation. He is specially skilled in surgical removal of wisdom teeth and other oral surgical procedures. His skill and artistry in cosmetic dentistry allows him to produce exceptional, long-lasting results and an ability to attain beautiful, natural-looking smile makeovers.

Besides being a practicing Dentist, Dr. Arora has actively pursued continuing education and attended several dental continuing education programmes, conferences, seminars and hands-on training in various parts of India and abroad like USA, Germany, Singapore, China, UK, Thailand and Malaysia.

His vision for better Dentistry in India saw him launch FAMDENT in the year 2000. Founded in 2000 as a premium publication on Clinical Dentistry based on international standards, FAMDENT now has multiple offerings with a strong foothold in the Indian Dental Industry. FAMDENT's journey that started as a publication, evolved rapidly to include Famdent Shows, Famdent conferences, Famdent Awards, Corporate Solutions & more - a brand of repute that now resonates with almost every Dentist in the country. (www.famdent.com)

In 2013, along with his Dentist wife Dr. Jyotika, he started FAMDENT EXCELLENCE IN DENTISTRY AWARDS - a benchmark for excellence in Dentistry - are highly coveted concept unique to India. The Awards have since become highly coveted and are referred to as the "Oscars of Dentistry".

It goes without saying that Dr. Arora's efforts & contributions have been recognised widely. In an issue of DNA (May 6, 2007), Dr. Arora has been recognised as one of the top Aesthetic Dentists of the country. Within the Dental Industry, he is widely recognised as a game - changer with his innovations to improve the level of Dentistry in India.